Justin Alexander in Finals at The Bridal Buyer Awards 2017

And the winner is…..?! We’re thrilled to announce that, during the Harrogate Bridal Show, The Justin Alexander Group is nominated in two leading categories by the Best Bridal Buyer. We’re in the final line-up for Best Supplier Customer Service and Best In House Designer of the Year!

Justin Alexander Wins At The UK Wedding Awards

And the votes are in… Justin Alexander has won collection of the year at the UK Bridal Awards! With over 83,000 votes cast and a very competitive list of entries, we are humbled and honored to accept this award.

And The Award Goes To…

Working in the wedding industry, we know that a bride’s wedding day is her moment of glory. In true celebrity stardom she promenades down the aisle as if it’s her own red carpet. In honor of awards season and our commitment and appreciation for our brides as the leading ladies that they are, we thought we’d hold our own awards event this year to show brides the best of the best gowns in each category and those performances this year that we won’t soon forget.

We asked our brides and retailers to vote for their favorite gowns in a number of star-studded categories. The votes are in, so take a look at the shining stars from this past year and find one to help complete your award-winning wedding day look.

Valentine’s Day Love Letters

There’s a certain level of magic involved with being in the business of love, from the moment a bride steps into a boutique to the last song played at the wedding reception. We are fortunate enough to be a part of so many love stories and so many lives, and it’s these romances that keep us inspired and in love with everything we do. Every Valentine’s Day we ask our brides to share their love stories with us and every year we find ourselves overwhelmed by the responses. We share a few of our favorites here as a reminder of how wonderful it is to be part of so many love stories.

A Look Back At 2016…

In an industry that is centered around love, we find inspiration all around us. From seeing the upcoming season’s design sketches, just as the pen has been lifted from the paper and the final sequin imagined into place to unzipping the garment bags and being enchanted by the glitter, lace, and magic of a new season of gowns. From the heart-warming stories we hear from our retailers of brides saying yes to the dress to all of the beautiful images and #JAbride love stories we get every day from all of you. It’s what motivates us and keeps us alive and in love with what we do each day.

Here we take a look back at 2016 with appreciation and gratitude for the lessons we learned, the beauty we created, and the love we made happen. And we know that with open hearts we’ll start the new year starry-eyed and hopeful for the beautiful adventure 2017 will bring.